1911 CCU

The 1911 CCU’s are available in the following calibers: .45ACP, 10mm, 9mm, 40 Smith & Wesson, .38Super & 460 Roland

Most 1911 lowers will work with the CCU including Officers Models. (NOTE: Mech-Tech advises the use of factory loaded ammo only for all CCU’s)

           This Above is a 1911 CCU with Mini-Quad front rails, M4 front & rear sights and fixed stock.


To the right: a 1911 frame (also called 'lower unit') ready to install into a CCU. Complete lowers only are readily available available from many sources. This allows a user to have a dedicated lower for their CCU. Particularly for 1911's there are many sources for all internal components and naked frames allowing the more adventurous to build a dedicated lower for their CCU's the way they want it. None of the 1911 upper components are needed.

There is a certain 'juggling' of calibers relative to the CCU of which one may take advantage. The 1911 pistol frame is designed to accept 1911 magazines of several different calibers. The proper magazine for your pistol is of course that for which the slide and barrel is designed. The fact that a 1911 magazine of a different caliber will function in the 1911 frame (when the frame is separated from the slide and barrel) allows one to order a CCU chambered for a cartridge different from that of the assembled pistol's frame you plan to use with the CCU. Example: you have a 1911 which is designed to fire 45 ACP cartridges but you would really like to have a CCU in, say, 10mm. You can then order a 1911 style CCU chambered for the 10mm cartridge and use the frame from your 45 ACP pistol with that CCU. You will need to acquire a 10mm 1911 style magazine and use it only when using the 45 ACP pistol frame with the 10mm CCU. Caution: this does not mean that you can use your 1911 pistol to safely fire a cartridge other than that for it is designed by simply switching magazines - don't try this - it is dangerous! The barrel and slide of a 1911 pistol is designed for a specific cartridge and only that cartridge is safe to use when the pistol is assembled. Likewise, a CCU used with a 1911 pistol frame (lower unit) can safely fire only the cartridge for which the CCU is designed! This information is provided only to illustrate the flexibility available for 1911 style pistol frame and CCU combinations. Again - your pistol should be used only with the cartridge for which it is designed and a pistol/CCU combination must be used only with the cartridge for which the CCU is designed. If further clarification is needed contact Mech-Tech Systems Inc.

1911 unit with 'MonoRail' – front & rear M4 sights, M4 stock adapter and M4 standard stock.

1911 unit with 'QuadRail' – Red/Green dot sight, tactical flashlight and red beam laser, and Telestock.

This is the 'BASIC' unit - this is the fundamental unit you order to fit your 1911and includes only what is shown above. Nothing else is included with the BASIC unit. Stocks, Rails and other accessories are ordered separately and are shown below. We have arranged things this way to allow you, the customer, the greatest degree of freedom to 'build' exactly what you want - see 'ACCESSORIES' page.

NOTE: The .357 Sig is a bottle-neck cartridge and the brass is highly worked in the CCU blowback action. Use only factory fresh ammo - reloading can result in caseseparation!    ALSO: you can use a 1911 45ACP/10MM or 40S&W lower with a CCU chambered in 9mm or 38 Super but in some cases - depending on the brand of the 1911 lower - you will need to change the ejector installed on your lower to a 9mm/38 Super ejector. This is an easy fix and the new ejector will operate correctly with the original pistol configuration.

Legal Alert: Our product is not a firearm by legal definitions. The product is for sale to California residents under limited conditions. Although the product itself is legal, as we understand things, the resulting combination with a pistol frame becomes illegal under California law. If you are a CA resident you should be aware of this and it is your responsibility to observe CA laws. At this time we know of no other States where the combination is not legal but we caution everyone to become aware of relative state and local laws. We are not attorneys and can give no meaningful advice on these matters.

Certain 1911 style pistols such as the Paraordnance line have modified receivers which leave an opening in the magazine well in an area critical to proper feeding when these pistols are used with a CCU. Mech-Tech has designed a clever insert called a 'Para Block' which solves the problem. Other frames with 'ramped barrels' can be used with the CCU by installing the 'Para Block'




'COLT' is a registered trade name and is in no way affiliated with Mech Tech Systems Inc. There are many other manufacturers of 1911 style pistols and the fact that Mech Tech Systems Inc. provides the CCU system as an accessory item for these pistols is in no way intended to imply that an of these manufacturers endorse or are associated with Mech Tech Systems Inc.