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Rails and Flash Hider are factory installed on new CCU orders. All other accessories are shipped in their original packaging.


NOTE: All accessories will fit both the new model CCU (straight front) and the older model CCU (angled front). Prices shown do not include shipping.

Example Builds

You can order any combination of accessories that you want. Here are some examples of what different combinations look like. What model CCU you order makes no difference to the accessories you can put on it. Stocks and accessory rails are factory installed, all other accessories are installed by you.

Here is the M4 Adjustable Stock CCU with a Flash Hider, Quad Rail, Sling Loop, Folding Vertical Grip, Flip Up Front & Rear Sights and Red/Green Dot Optic on a 3 Slot Riser.

This CCU has the Telestock, Standard Rail, Flip Up Front & Rear Sights, Mini Quad Rail, Sling Loop and Flash Hider.

This M4 Fixed Stock CCU has the Mini Rail Kit, Sling Loop, M16 Carry Handle/Rear sight and the M16 Front Sight.


Parablock/Feed Ramps for Glock & XD


This is a 'ParaBlock' and it is used with 1911 style frames which have been cut to accept ramped barrels. This device allows the Mech Tech CCU to be used with these frames.

PBA $23.95

Feed ramp for Glock

This is a feed ramp and it is used with all Glock frames. This device is necessary for proper feeding with these frames. One feed ramp is included with each CCU for Glock pistols. Once the CCU has been properly assembled, the feed ramp cannot fall out. The feed ramp comes in two sizes: Large (GBL)for use with Standard and Large frames and Compact (GBC) for use with Compact frames. A small magnet retains this part in the frame during assembly/disassembly.

GBL or GBC $16.95

Feed ramp for XD

This is a feed ramp and it is used with all XD frames. This device is necessary for proper feeding with these frames. One feed ramp is included with each CCU for XD pistols. Once the CCU has been properly assembled, the feed ramp cannot fall out. A small magnet retains this part in the frame during assembly/disassembly.

XDR $17.95


NOTE ABOUT THE INTERCHANGEABLE STOCKS SHOWN BELOW: Older models of the CCU did not have the interchangeable stock system. These units have a welded on fixed stock. There is available a retrofit housing kit which accepts the stocks shown below. This kit includes an updated housing and a recoil buffer assembly. This can be changed out by the customer or call Mech Tech and arrange to send in the unit for retrofit. We have also changed the fore grip and standard rail. The fore grip is now injection molded, black, with ribs (see two of the example build pictures above). The standard 5 3/4" rail now has Picatinny slots for it's full length instead of 3 pairs of slots. If you have the welded on stock, all of our accessories are 'new'. Have a look at the rest of this page and see if there are any enhancements you'd like to get with your new housing.

Part number and cost of the kit:

Retrofit Housing $59.95 - Fore Grip $19.95 - Standard Rail $14.95


This is a 4 position telescoping stock shown fully extended and fully collapsed. It has a sling stud for mounting your own loop.

TEL $89.95

M4 Fixed Stock



Yes, it looks like an M4 adjustable stock. However, we have replaced the buffer tube with our own adaptor so it has only two positions, on or off..


M4FS $34.95

M4 Adjustable Stock


This photo shows a standard M4 stock (shown fully collapsed) with buffer tube mounted to the CCU using the adapter shown in the photo immediately below. The M4 Adapter comes with this stock and so is incuded in the price shown.

M4 $99.95

M4 Stock Adapter

This adapter attaches to the rear of the CCU housing. Many customers already own an M4 stock and buffer tube. The adapter

accepts both military and commercial buffer tubes.

M4A $34.95

Butt Pad

This butt pad comes standard on our Telestock. It is also available for use on our M4 Fixed and M4 Adjustable stocks.

BP $13.95

Vertical Foregrips


Vertical Foregrip - mounts directly to Quadrail system.


VG $16.95


The folding foregrip has 5 locked positions - 3 as shown and mounts to a Picatinniy rail. Grip also folds forward with 2 more locked positions - one at 45 degrees forward and the other horizontal forward.


VGF $25.95

Flashlights and Optics


Picatinny mount tactical flashlight. Triple activation featuring twist on, push button and remote pressure switch operations. Fully adjustable from flood to spot focus.

TXL $39.95


This unique holographic sight gives you a choice of the classic red dot or a new green dot. If you have never used a green dot you don't know what you're missing. Each color can be intensity adjusted with the dial on top. The sight also features flip-up protective lense covers (shown in the closed position) and windage/elevation adjustments. Standard Picatinny mounting.

RGS $57.10


Other Rail Choices - These replace the standard rail. These prices are in addition to the CCU prices for each stock listed on the pistol model pages.


Mono Rail - this is a tactical accessory mounting rail. It is 16.5" end to end. No modifications to the CCU are required.

MRL $79.95


Mini Rail Kit - this includes the Mono Rail and gives you 3 short rails for mounting other accessories like a flashlight, sling loop, etc.

MRK $129.95

If you already have a Mono Rail you can add the 3 short rails:

MIN $59.95


Quad Rail - this is a tactical accessory mounting rail with 4 rails as shown above. This will accept most of tactical accessories available for the M16 rifle and those available from Mech Tech. The Quad Rail also replaces the fore grip.

QRL $169.95


Mini Quad - attaches to barrel providing 4 short accessory rails - very solid. This does NOT replace the standard rail, it aligns properly with it for an open front sight..

MQR $89.95


This riser is 5 3/4" long with 13 Picatinny slots. Long Riser provides about 1/2" of lift. You can mount this on the QuadRail or MonoRail to gain elevated sight height.

PSR $14.95

Three slot riser

The Three Slot Riser is good for mounting your Red/Green Dot Optic up so that you can still use your Flip Up Front & Rear Sights and see them through the optic.

TSR $14.95


Handy short risers clamp onto Picatinny rail anywhere needed - 1/2" rise

COR $24.95/pair


Used with the Quad Rail these handy rubber rail guards simply snap in place on the rails and provide both protection for the rails and a more comfortable grip.

RG $17.95/pkg of 12

Sight Systems


M16 style sight system. The front and rear sight set mount directly to both the MonoRail and QuadRail rail systems. The sights are adjustable and operate exactly as M16 sights. (shown mounted on a rail [not included] for clarity)

Front Sight - M16F $29.95

Rear Sight - M16R $49.95


The Carry Handle Rail provides a Picatinny mount for additional accessories such as a high mount optic. See-Thru design allows use of aperture sight in handle.

CHR $13.95


The Flip-Up Front (FUF) sight works with the Flip-Up Rear (FUR) and the pair can also be used in conjunction with ourRed/Green Dot optic.

FUF or FUR $41.95



Sling Accessories


M16 The Sling Loop quickly attaches to any Picatinny rail. It can be mounted on the bottom or side rail on any of the Mech Tech multi-rail systems.

SLP $17.95

Flash Hider

This flash hider is CNC machined from solid steel bar and finished in black oxide.This unit can be easily installed by the customer if you already have the CCU..

FH $29.95