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FOR NEW ORDERS ONLY - Accessory rails are factory installed.


NOTE: Factory Loaded Ammunition Only. Mech Tech recommends only using good quality factory loaded ammunition in the CCU which meets SAAMI, CIP or NATO standards. The CCU is a blowback operated action and is capable of safely firing ammunition up to +P. DO NOT USE +P+ or 'hotter' loads.


The CCU's fit Glock frames that are Compact (G19, G23, G32), Standard (G17, G22, G24, G31, G34, G35) and Large (G20, G40, G21, G41). Mech Tech Uppers are not available for sub-compact Glocks. Generation doesn't matter, but the front rail size does - see the picture and note below. Compensated and SF versions only affect the barrel/slide and grip size respectively, they will work just fine with the CCU.


Glock magazines are interchangeable within the same frame size, and between the Compact and Standard sizes. This means, for example, that if you have a Glock 22 and want to shoot 9mm with your CCU, you can. Just purchase Glock 17 magazines. Compact magazines are too short to work in Standard frames. Here are the combinations that will work:

Your frame:      CCU Available in:

Compact           9mm, 40S&W, .357SIG

Standard           9mm, 40S&W, .357SIG

Large                 45ACP, 10mm

Again, make sure your magazine caliber matches the barrel caliber of your CCU.


This information is provided only to illustrate the flexibility of the Mech Tech CCU. (Caution: the foregoing does not imply that a Glock pistol designed for a given cartridge can safely shoot a different cartridge by simply switching the magazine - this is dangerous - do not try it! Likewise a CCU Upper can safely fire only the cartridge for which it is designed!) If further clarification is needed please contact Mech Tech Systems Inc.




If your early model Glock frame has a front tab length longer than the red line dimension then it will not fit our CCU. The tabs, metal and possibly plastic (as shown in the picture) are what engage the slot in the pistol's slide. If your frame doesn't have any plastic tab, just the metal tab, your frame will work.




Aftermarket triggers. Sometimes aftermarket triggers, while they work fine with the pistol slide and barrel, don't work with the CCU. The problem is not consistent enough to say that XYZ Trigger will not work with the CCU. Due to tolerance stacking your aftermarket trigger MAY not work with the CCU. The CCU is designed to work with factory triggers.


CCU vs Pistol Slide: There is no last round hold open with the CCU. With the CCU attached your pistol and drop safeties still work.


Cominolli Safety: The CCU and this manual safety do work together, however, they do interfere with each other a little bit. The Telestock will only fully collapse if the safety is off. In the on position the safety lever blocks the rod of the Telestock from moving forward.


NOTE: 357 Sig - this is a bottle necked cartridge. The CCU is a blowback action and therefore will work the brass during firing causing the shoulder to be set considerably forward. Re-loading the brass works the brass even more and may result in case separation when firing. Mech Tech has a 'factory ammo only' policy for all cartridges.


Note: the CCU is not associated with Glock or endorsed by Glock - it is designed and manufactured in the USA.

The "Feed Ramp"

Insert the 'Glock Block' into the Glock lower. The Feed Ramp is placed in the Glock lower. This item is necessary for proper feeding. There are 2 sizes - specify Glock model when ordering. One Feed Ramp comes with each CCU. The block is not actually

attached to the lower - just sits there during assembly of the CCU upper.

When the upper is in place the ramp is trapped. A small magnet keeps the ramp in place during assembly/disassembly.

CCU for Glock (click any image to enlarge)

M4 Stock Adapter CCU $434.90

M4 Fixed Stock CCU $434.90


M4 Adjustable Stock CCU $499.90

Telestock CCU $489.90

One of these is the starting point to design your customized CCU. Each comes with a 6" Standard Rail and Molded Fore Grip. If you have your own M4 stock, buffer tube, castle nut and lock ring, our M4 Adapter will accept both commercial and Mil-Spec tubes. Every unit is test fired before it ships. Other rail choices are available which may replace the Standard Rail/Molded Fore Grip. All of our rails are Picatinny. Choose from our ACCESSORIES page to customize your CCU.


NOTE: "Glock" is a registered trade name and Mech Tech Systems Inc. is not affiliated with Glock. Glock has not endorsed the CCU and the fact that Mech Tech Systems Inc. provides the CCU as a Glock accessory in no way is intended to imply that Glock sanctions or is in any way associated with the product.