MechTech Systems presents a novel Upper - the

Carbine Conversion Unit

A revolutionary accessory that will change the way you see your pistol!

What exactly is the CCU system? It is an 'upper' for an autoloading pistol. Shown below is a photo of what we call the "BASIC UNIT'. This represents the least you can purchase and have a system which will fire when combined with your pistol 'lower'. At this time we offer BASIC UNITS for the Glock and 1911 pistols - more on the way. You can add any number of accessory items to the BASIC UNIT such as shoulder stocks, sights and rail systems. The BASIC UNIT is not a firearm and requires no special licensing to purchase. Under federal law (BATFE) it is perfecty legal to install a pistol lower and then remove the lower and reassemble the pistol. (see forum and FAQ pages for details) The unit comes completely assembled and test fired. Installation of stocks, rails and flash hider ordered with the BASIC UNIT order is free.

Basic Unit

Shown above is a CCU for Glock 'BASIC UNIT'. It consists of a 16+" barrel, internal slide, recoil spring, cocking handle and what you see externally. The basic unit is NOT a firearm and needs no special licensing to purchase! What do you need? You need a Glock or 1911 pistol. What do you need to do? Field strip your pistol. This will separate the 'top end' assembly from the frame or 'lower'. Shown below is a Glock with the 'top end' removed.

Glock pistol 'lower'

Now you slide the pistol lower into the Upper 'BASIC UNIT' and you get what you see below:

Assembled unit - ready to fire!

At this point you have your pistol with a 16+" barrel 'top end'. The unit is ready to fire! Slip in a loaded magazine, rack the cocking handle to the rear and release it - this loads a round into the chamber in the same way as does the original pistol slide. The unit operates in semi-auto mode exactly as does the pistol with the original 'top end' in place. No modifications to the pistol 'lower' are necessary. No unusual wear occurs when using the CCU. The assembly is totally reversible. MechTech has a whole family of accessories, including shoulder stocks, from which to choose. From this you can build a handy carbine by combining the various accessories to suit your needs. When you have decided which accessory rails you want to purchase for your unit, MechTech will install these on your Basic Unit at no additional charge (applies to new purchases only). Accessories which attach to the rails - eg: sights, lights etc. - are a 'no brainer' to install and this will be left to the customer. Please see our ACCESSORIES page to see what we have available plus you can use some of what you may already own.